About Farrell & Co.

Hi! I'm Farrell O'Rourke, the owner of Farrell & Co. 

Most people know they should probably wear a sun hat, but few can find one that's just right. They are all too bulky, too delicate, too floppy, too expensive or too uncomfortable. They make your head hot, slip down your face, mess up your hair, block your vision...you get the idea!

In the summer of 2021, I decided to make a sun hat that people would actively want to wear. Pulling from personal experience, as a mom of three, I wanted something durable and flexible that I could easily roll up and tuck in my bag or pocket. As a runner, I wanted something lightweight and breathable that wouldn't fall off, and, as an 80's baby, I wanted something FUN.

With these things in mind, Farrell & Co. was born. I left the financial services job I had for almost 15 years, and I made the first samples of these hats in my living room. It was important to me that not only the brims of our hats were transparent (no blocked vision here!), but also that we are transparent in all that we do - from our sustainable supply chain, to our ethically sourced materials, to the journey itself of creating a small business.

I still design all of my hats, and I hope that one day you will enjoy wearing them as much as I've enjoyed making them :) Thank you for supporting this independent ethical brand!